Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Lovelite's Nearness

After the release of their phenomenal debut, Lovelite returns with a new EP, Nearness. Husband and wife, Andrew and Jen Polfer, wrote songs "wanting God to renew [their] passion and drive for ministry." The result: Nearness EP, an indie/worship album with luscious melodies, appealing instrumentation, and lyrics glorifying the Creator. 

A thick 80's synth lays the foundational soundscape of "Apathy." The fast-paced indie rocker showcases the couple's impeccable harmonies. "Brevity" brings the tempo down with serene instruments and more pretty harmonies. Musically, "Ambition" takes a more serious tone, fitting with the prayerful lyrics, "My ambition is to bring joy to You/I'll do anything if You ask me to." 

The title-track is one of the highlights of the album. Dreamy guitar motifs and Jen's rich yet angelic-like vocals pair well with the song's intimate lyrics- "Give me a nearness/I want to feel fire/Your friendship is tireless." 

"Invisible One" and "Finally Free" are vertically-focused worship tunes that could be suitable for corporate worship, as their melodies are easier to sing and follow than the other songs on the album.

Nearness is not your typical worship album; there are no cliche lyrics, predictable melodies, or bland instrumentation. With a lot of bands, I find, I must decide between creative music or solid lyrics. Lovelite is one of the few bands that offers both.

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