Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creation NE Festival 2010 - Thursday

I didn't see as many bands on Thursday (7/1) as I had planned, because I ended up sitting in on a few interviews (House of Heroes, Seabird, & Newsboys) with another organization. But I still got to see some pretty awesome bands!


Thoughts: Seabird was one of the few, possibly the only, piano-based rock act at Creation. Their set was great, but there stage presence seemed a little off. I think Seabird is one of those bands that is better experienced in a more intimate setting, like a club or smaller venue.

Set List:
Believe Me, Let Me Go On, The Good King, Baby I'm In Love, This Road, Rescue, Don't Change A Thing, Don't You Know You're Beautiful, Jargon (Cottonmouth)

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House Of Heroes

House of Heroes was one of the most talented groups to grace the Fringe Stage. One of the best parts of their live shows are their harmonies. Unlike many other bands I've seen, they can actually pull off their harmonies live. And they tell great jokes too- "What did the Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything."

Set List: Code Name Raven, God Save The Foolish Kings, If, Leave You Now, Elevator, Serial Sleepers, So Far Away, Field Of Daggers, Lose Control, Buckets For Bullet Wounds, In The Valley Of The Dying Sun

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The Classic Crime

Thoughts: The Classic Crime is AMAZING live. There's nothing really unique about their set; they just put on a good, solid rock show. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't expect The Classic Crime to play so many songs off of their first record, but it was nice to hear some old stuff, especially The Fight (one of my favs!).

Set List: Cheap Shots, Say The Word, Abracadavers, Who Needs Air, A Perfect Voice, Seattle, Four Chords, Coldest Heart, Solar Powered Life, Salt In The Snow, The Fight, Blisters & Coffee

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Thoughts: I have to say, The Newsboys show is still as entertaining with new vocalist Michael Tait as it was with Peter Furler. Halfway through their set keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein and guitarist Jody Davis were put on risers that rose as high as the top of the stage frame and went out above the crowd. It was a neat feature for the show, but probably nerve-racking for the band, as it was the first time these risers had been implemented in their live show.

Set List: Something Beautiful, Whenever We Go, Way Beyond Myself, Escape, Blessed Be Your Name, He Reigns, Mighty To Save, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (a capella), When The Boys Light Up, Born Again, Miracles, Shine/Breakfast/Play That Funky Music, One Shot, Jesus Freak (with guest rapper KJ-52).

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