Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: John Mark McMillan's The Medicine

The Medicine is a rare album, but then again singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan is a rare artist, at least in mainstream Christian music. His lyrics are universally relatable yet intimate, organic yet eloquent, simple yet profound. But if there was only one word to describe John Mark’s lyrics it would be “real.” These aren’t the lyrically polished, sugarcoated message type of songs that you hear on the radio (and this is, unfortunately, the reason why many of these songs will not get the radio exposure they deserve). Take the title-track, “When you said you weren’t afraid to die/I don’t think you brave for it/I just think you’re more afraid of being alive” or “Between the Cracks,” “He’s singing when are you gonna come out from behind these paper thin walls of your cardboard box reality.” Few artists write with such audacity and honesty. The instrumentation that carries John Mark’s songs is just icing on the cake. From indie rock to folk, the music on this record is therapeutic.

Top tracks: “Skeleton Bones,” “Carbon Ribs,” “Ten Thousand,” “How He Loves”

Rating: 5/5

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